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Chips Challenge Cheats

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Lynx: Chips Challenge Cheats

Chip's Challenge Passwords
Here's a complete set of passwords for Chip's Challenge.
1 BDHP 51 IGGJ 101 RPIR2 JXMJ 52 PPHT 102 VDDU3 ECBQ 53 CGNX 103 PTAC4 YMCJ 54 ZMGC 104 KWNL5 TQKB 55 SJES 105 YNEG6 WNLP 56 FCJE 106 NXYB7 FXQO 57 UBXU 107 ECRC8 NHAG 58 YBLT 108 LIOC9 KCRE 59 BLOM 109 KZQR10 VUWS 60 ZIVI 110 XBAO11 CNPE 61 RMOW 111 KRQJ12 WVHI 62 TIGW 112 NJLA13 OCKS 63 GOHX 113 PTAS14 BTDY 64 IJPQ 114 JWNL15 COZQ 65 UPUN 115 EGRU16 SKKK 66 ZIKZ 116 HXMF17 AJMG 67 GGJA 117 FPZT18 HMJL 68 RTDI 118 OSCW19 MRHR 69 NLLY 119 PHTY20 KGFP 70 GCCG 120 FLXP21 UGRW 71 LASM 121 BPYS22 UZIN 72 EKFT 122 SJUM23 HUVE 73 QCCR 123 YKZE24 UNIZ 74 MKNH 124 TASX25 PQGV 75 MJOV 125 MYRT26 YVYJ 76 NMRH 126 QRLD27 IGGZ 77 FHIC 127 JMWZ28 UJDD 78 GRMO 128 FTLA29 QGOL 79 JINV 129 HEAN30 BQZP 80 EVUG 130 XHIZ31 RYMS 81 SCWF 131 FIRD32 PEFS 82 LLIO 132 ZYFA33 BQSN 83 OVPJ 133 TIGG34 NQFI 84 UVEO 134 XPPH35 VDTM 85 LEBX 135 LYWO36 NXIS 86 FLHH 136 LVZL37 VQNK 87 YJYS 137 HPPX38 BIFA 88 WZYV 138 LUJT39 ICXY 89 VCZO 139 VLHH40 YWFH 90 OLLM 140 SJUK41 GKWD 91 JPQG 141 MCJE42 LMFU 92 DTMI 142 UCRY43 UJDP 93 REKF 143 OKOR44 TXHL 94 EWCS 144 GVXQ45 OVPZ 95 BIFQ 145 ****46 HDQZ 96 WVHY 146 JHEN47 LXPP 97 IOCS 147 COZA48 JYSF 98 TKWD 148 RGSK49 PPXI 99 XUVU 149 DIGW50 QBDH 100 QJXR 150 ****

Chip's Challenge Fractal Generator
Chip's Challenge has a secret. In its many codes for levels of play, there is a code which will allow you to enter into the infinite world of fractals. A fractal is a geometrical or physical structure that has an irregular or fragmented shape at all scales of measurement between a greatest and a smallest scale such thatcertain mathematical or physical properties of the structure are greater than the spatial dimensions. If you can understand the definition, that's what a fractal is.
Fractals were discovered by a man named Benoit Mandlebrot and he even named one of the images you'll see in this program after himself. There are lots of different images to be seen in thisprogram, so don't just stay in one area. Now, on with the fun of fractals.
The code for entering the program is MAND. After it is entered. A picture will start to form on the screen. DON'T TOUCH ANY BUTTONS UNTIL THE PICTURE IS DONE. When it's done, then you can move around and zoom in to see more details. NOTE: Since each picture has extremely fine detail, it will usually take a few minutes for an image to form. Especially if there is black in ore around thepicture.


(B) Button: When this button is pushed, it will create a box outline on the screen which you can move around. When the button is pushed again, the image on the screen will zoom away from you.
(A) Button: When this button is pressed, it will also create a box outline. When pressed again, this will cause the image to zoom towards you.
NOTE: After the image has either been zoomed away or towards you, take the outline off the screen and let the Lynx adjust the picture to more detail.
OPTION 1 Button: This will create and vanish he box outline. NOTE: Always take the outline off the screen after you are done with it.
OPTION 2 Button: This will create the box outline and starts the color cycling on the screen. One push on the button causes the cycling to go forward. Another push causes it to go backwards and a third will stop the cycling altogether. NOTE: To change the color of the cycling, go to the index.
PAUSE Button: This button will cause the MANDLEBROT / JULIA SET EXPLORER INDEX to appear on the screen. In the index, you can change the depth, color and cycle rate of the fractal's and also create your own pictures. The index should look like this:
MANDLEBROT EXPLORERX: FE.0000000000Y: FE.0000000000STEP: 00.0800000000DEPTH: 0100PALETTE: 00CYCLE RATE: 04XJUL: 00.0000000000YJUL: 00.0000000000You can change anything you want on the index and it will not hurt the Chip's Challenge game. But, before you change any of the X, Y, XJUL and YJUL settings, look at all the different images that can be found in the pictures on the screen. You can change the palette and cycle rate without messing up the programmed images.
NOTE: There are two different programs to play with in this game. To see the other images other than Mandlebrot's, go to the index and push OPTION 2. It will change the title from MANDLEBROT EXPLORER to JULIA SET EXPLORER.
PAUSE + Option 1: This resets to the original viewing coordinates of the set.
PAUSE + Option 2: This copies the X,Y coordinate to the Julia set index, enables Julia set mode and switches to the original viewing coordinates.
That's all there is to this program. Hope this help's you have lots of fun exploring the infinite images of the fractal generator.

Chip's Challenge Julia Set Patterns for Fractal Generator

  • Name: Spirals
    X: FD.8F22 / Y: FE.6D7C / Step: 00.08 /
    Depth: 20 / XJUL: 00.5 / YJUL: 00.05
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.9F22 / Y: FE.8D7C / Step: 80.07A
  • Name: The "X"
    X: FD. 7A / Y: FE.5C / Step: 00.08 /
    Depth: 28 / XJUL: 00.5B / YJUL: FF.F
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.BB / Y: FE.9D / Step: 80.075
  • Name: Boots
    X: FF.BCE / Y: FE.E5A / Step: 00.004 /
    Depth: 28 / XJUL: 00.61 / YJUL: 00.61
    ** For mesh picture: X: FE.A1E / Y: FE.70A / Step: 80.07A
  • Name: Boots 2
    X: FD.7C21 / Y: FE.5F6C / Step: 00.08 /
    Depth: 20 / XJUL: 00.7 / YJUL: 00.6
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.CC21 / Y: FE.8F6C / Step: 80.075
  • Name: Iris
    X: FD.704 / Y: FE.693 / Step: 00.08 /
    Depth: 36 / XJUL: 00.55 / YJUL: 00.0
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.A04 / Y: FE.793 / Step: 80.07A
  • Name: Storm Chain
    X: FD.8F4 / Y: FE.8EC / Step: 00.08 /
    Depth: C / XJUL: FE.0005 / YJUL: 00.0
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.AFA / Y: FE.7EC / Step: 80.07A
  • Name: Storm Chain 2 (COLORED)
    X: FE.C41 / Y: FF.5A / Step: 00.04 /
    Depth: 16 / XJUL: FE.25 / YJUL: 00.0
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.A41 / Y: FE.7A / Step: 80.07A
  • Name: Intergalatic Starship
    X: FD.BC066 / Y: FE.63FB / Step: 00.08 /
    Depth: 10 / XJUL: FE.A / YJUL: 00.0
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.AC066 / Y: FE.83FB / Step: 80.07A
  • Name: Intergalatic Starship 2
    X: FD.FC1 / Y: FE.920 / Step: 00.08 /
    Depth: 20 / XJUL: FE.FA / YJUL: 00.0
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.FC1 / Y: FE.C20 / Step: 80.065
  • Name: Pan-dimensional Rift
    X: FD.94066 / Y: FE.3AFB / Step: 00.08 /
    Depth: 20 / XJUL: FE.A / YJUL: 00.1
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.A4066 / Y: FE.8AFB / Step: 80.07A
  • Name: Mitosis
    X: FC.FB1 / Y: FD.F6E / Step: 00.0A /
    Depth: 10 / XJUL: 00.0 /YJUL: 01.1
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.5B1 / Y: FE.46E / Step: 80.08A
    ~~ To split the cell, keep increasing the first number after the decimal on XJUL.
  • Name: Islands
    X: FE.651 / Y: FF.00E / Step: 00.05 /
    Depth: 10 / XJUL: FF.52 / YJUL: 00.A5
    ** For mesh picture: X: FE.051 / Y: FE.C0E / Step: 80.065
  • Name: Cracked Continent
    X: FE.651 / Y: FF.00E / Step: 00.05 /
    Depth: 11 / XJUL: FF.BC / YJUL: 00.D0
    ** For mesh picture: X: FE.251 / Y: FE.C0E / Step: 80.065
  • Name: Islands 2
    X: FC.BD33 / Y: FD.E40D / Step: 00.0AC /
    Depth: 20 / XJUL: 00.92 / YJUL: 00.4
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.AD33 / Y: FE.840D / Step: 80.07D
  • Name: Canyon
    X: FD.4F3 / Y: FE.3B9 / Step: 00.09 /
    Depth: 9 / XJUL: FF.FFF / YJUL: FE.FF5
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.CF3 / Y: FE.8B9 / Step: 80.073
  • Name: Baseball
    X: FD.061 / Y: FE.0AE / Step: 00.0A /
    Depth: 26 / XJUL: 06.0 / YJUL: 10.0
    ** For mesh picture: X: FD.061 / Y: FD.FAE / Step: 80.0A5
NOTE: To increase or decrease depth of picture while the mesh is on, just increase or decrease the second and third numbers after the decimal on STEP.

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