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Gates of Zendocon Cheats

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Lynx: Gates of Zendocon Cheats

Gates of Zendocon Secret Level
Battle the creators of the Gates of Zenodocon. To enter this level, go to Level 15 (TRYX). When it begins, turn on the shield and go through the bridge right in front of the first artillery car. If you make it through, position the ship under the bridge and keep it there until you pass the first pylon. Upon passing it, move the ship to the bottom of the screen immediately, until your past the stalactite. As soon as you pass it, move the ship back under the bridge and you will make it by the final pylon. If you succeed in clearing the obstacles, the warp will be there waiting.

Gates of Zendocon Passwords
In the passwords below, the following abbreviations stand for alien weapons.
  • C.D -- Cosmic Destroyer
  • D.A -- Death Arising
  • F.E -- Flying Eyeball
  • S.D -- Sonic Dart
Now on with the passwords:
1. BASE -- Bubble Eyes, Flying Saucers & Large Missles (2 warps)
2. ZYBX -- Fire Stars (3 warps)
3. XRXS -- Growing Crystals (S.D.,1 warp)
4. ANEX -- Cloud Beings (2 warps)
5. NEAT -- Computer Blocks 1 (1 warp)
6. YARR -- Waving Stalks & Radar Eyes (C.D.,1warp)
7. EYES -- Double Eye Swarms (2 warps)
8. NYXX -- Green Blobs, Double Eyes & Spinners (1 warp)
9. ZYRB -- Insects & Spike Molds (1 warp)
10. SRYX -- Meteors & Mono Eyes (1 warp)
11. BARE -- Red Dragon (2 warps)
12. STAX -- Maze 1 with Walkers & Fire Stars (1 warp)
13. SZZZ -- Whirlies & Shooting Mines (C.D.,1 warp)
14. RAZE -- Long Missiles & Flying Saucers (4 warps)
15. TRYX -- Artillery Parade 1 (2 warps)
16. STYX -- Water Drops & Meteors (1 warp)
17. YARB -- Jellyfish, Double Eyes, Suckers, Whirlies & Pod Plants (1 warp)
18. BREX -- City 1 (D.A.,3 warps)
19. SEBB -- Flying Discs & Multiplying Eye Groups (D.A.,1 warp)
20. SNEX -- Artillery Parade 2 with Walkers & Large Missiles (1 warp)
21. ZAXX -- Canyon with Pink Blobs, Whirlies & Bubble Eyes (1 warp)
22. BROT -- Multiplying Eye Groups & Growing Crystals (S.D.,1 warp)
23. STOB -- Maze 2 with Fire Stars & Compressors (1 warp)
24. XTNT -- Waving Stalks, Radar Eyes, Whirlies, Spinners & PodPlants (1 warp)
25. BOTZ -- Giant Flying Robots, Long Missiles & Flying Saucers (1 warp)
26. SNAX -- Blue Dragons (2 warps)
27. TRAX -- Artillery Parade 4 with Flying Saucers (1 warp)
28. ZEBA -- Spinners, Double Eyes, Green Blobs, Suckers & Bubble Chains (C.D.,1 warp)
29. ROXY -- Meteors (1 warp)
30. NEXA -- Computer Blocks 3 with Artillery & Large Missiles (2 warps)
31. NEST -- Boulder Spitting, Sucking Anemones & Double Eyes (1 warp)
32. EBYX -- Artillery Parade 5 (C.D.,1 warp)
33. ZEST -- Ice Canyon & Platforms with Bubble Eyes, Long Missiles, Gun Towers, Flying Saucers & Heli-lizards with bazookas (C.D.,1 warp)
34. ZORT -- City 3 with Space Craft (3 warps)
35. ROXX -- Meteors, Fire Flies & Cloud Beings (1 warp)
36. NERB -- Green Blobs, Suckers, Bubble Chains, Jellyfish & Blue Dragons (F.E.,1 warp)
37. TREY -- Maze 3 with Long Missiles, Bubble Eyes, Walkers, Insects, Mono Eyes, Space Craft, Shooting Mines & Static Clouds (1 warp)
38. STAB -- Destroyed Cities with Bubble Eyes, Long Missiles, Whirlies, Insects, Gun Towers, Shooting Mines & Mini Cannons (2 warps)
39. SSSS -- Blue Dragons (1 warp)
40. RATT -- Boulder Spitting, Sucking Anemones & Waving Stalks (1 warp)
41. NYET -- Ice Platforms with Radar Eyes & Flying Saucers (1 warp)
42. BRAN -- Heli-lizards with Bazookas, Walkers & Space Station with Aliens (1 warp)
43. XRAY -- Static Clouds, Fire Stars & Shooting Mines (C.D.,1 warp)
44. TERA -- Artillery Parade 3 with Insects (1 warp)
45. BYTE -- Crystal Canyon with Whirlies & Growing Crystals (S.D.,1 warp)
46. BETA -- Spinners, Fire Flies, Pod Plants & Suckers (2 warps)
48. STAB -- Spike Molds & Green Blobs (F.E./1 warp)
49. BOXX -- Computer Blocks 2 (2 warps)
50. TENT -- Waving Stalks (C.D.,1 warp)
51. NEAR -- 3 Phase Level: (1) Double Eyes, Suckers & Growing Crystals(C.D.,F.E.,S.D.) / (2) Suckers / (3) Waving Stalks / (4) TheTwo Hearts of Zendocon (1 warp)
52. ZETA -- The gate protecting the Zendocon leader with Blackies, LaserCannons, Spinners, Suckers & Mono Eyes

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