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Lemmings Passwords
Feel like jumping off a cliff? Before you give up, try a few of these passwords. They'll have you feeling like a new rodent in no time. FUN TRICKY TAXING MAYHEM --- ------ ------ ------1 N/A 1 kellieseye 1 seeittonon 1 nearlygone2 dinkiedoos 2 singleduck 2 justforyou 2 lemmingoue3 whenyousee 3 lookandsee 3 runandflee 3 spendspree4 opensadoor 4 manyanmore 4 doortodoor 4 onthefloor5 lemmsalive 5 cansurvive 5 stillalive 5 uncleclive6 onesinafix 6 lemsbricks 6 fixedmyfix 6 clogclicks7 luckyseven 7 walkingstk 7 anurebevan 7 difference8 onefatlady 8 dontbelate 8 helpmemate 8 waitanwait9 washinline 9 doinitfine 9 drinknwine 9 eatanddine10 jmajorsden 10 lemmsagain 10 tenpercent 10 tentontess11 lovelylegs 11 lemminlegs 11 stickuptwo 11 binisthree12 justadozen 12 ontheshelf 12 digindelve 12 twotimesix13 unluckyyou 13 yourinluck 13 hisbadluck 13 returntome14 atenanfour 14 fourteenie 14 teensforth 14 twicelucky15 threefives 15 fiveteenie 15 teensfifth 15 nineandsix16 verysweety 16 sugarlevel 16 notsosweet 16 charitynum17 sevenanten 17 yeartowait 17 driveukcar 17 stillyoung18 keyofadoor 18 agecanvote 18 votesforme 18 comesofage19 lasteenage 19 lesstwenty 19 tenstonine 19 olderstill20 secondscor 20 totimesten 20 doublesten 20 numbtwenty21 todaytoday 21 halfanswer 21 lockandkey 21 olderlemms22 doubleduck 22 duckstwice 22 twoelevens 22 lemminduck23 twoanthree 23 oneisforme 23 justforeme 23 soonbefree24 sentrydoor 24 playinmore 24 lemminmore 24 lemmsstore25 quarterton 25 lemsstrive 25 jiveanjive 25 lemmsdrive26 thisisafix 26 chopsticks 26 lemsinafix 26 yourinafix27 lowendevon 27 aluckyduck 27 lemsheavon 27 lemtodevon28 sellbydate 28 shutmygate 28 gardengate 28 twostoplay29 goldenline 29 wotsmyline 29 startowine 29 oneafterme30 dirtygirty 30 hurtyhurty 30 fivexsixis 30 lemmgfinal

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