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The Sims Deluxe Edition Cheats

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PC: The Sims Deluxe Edition Cheats

The Sims Deluxe Edition Cheat Commands
  • Move any object: move_objects on
  • disable move_objects on: move_objects off
  • Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard: visitor_control

The Sims Deluxe Edition Old Cheats, New game
Press CTRL + SHIFT + C and a menu should appear. Type in rosebud for 1000 credits. Most of the older cheats should carry over.

the sims 2
how do you get mony
No blurring out

Move Objects
to move stuff that you cant move in buy/build mode type "move_objects on" then you can move the maid into the pool!
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
"boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" make your sim happy/have a baby/be abducted by aliens submited by Mr. Div
Bugs and Rockets
If you ever get bugs in your house you can sell them for 450 dollars sometimes. You can aslo sell those rockets that you shoot for 2300 dollars sometimes.
more money
if you want more press CTRL SHIFT C at the same time then type rosebud in the box the space bar and keep on doing this !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!
Help me
Hii i really need help with the cheats for sims deluxe edition

fazer bébes
doing babys
fazer bébes
doing babys
what i need is harder
finding the sims 2 deluxe edtion is harder the any thing oh ya and thats PC

i need cheats pleese
can somebody tell me the sex cheet plz :I
sims delux
gibt es einen cheat für sex

money cheat, not rosebud
Ctrl+Shift+C, rosebud, then Ctrl+Shift+C, !;!;!;!;!;(all the way to the end)enter, should get you about $130,000.
$9,999,999 You cold be the richest person ever!
Ctrl+Shift+C, then type in rosebud. Then bring up the cheat window again and type in !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!; then Space and then hold down Enter until you have 9, 999, 999 dollars and it will stay that way forever!
nude sim
when a sim is in the shower
bring up the cheat window
type in move_objects on
and go to buy mode
then move the shower
and u got a nude sim!
help me.
what are :
"fazer bebes?"
more baby gifts
when u have a newborn baby go to buy mode and buy some ballons and put then every where soon people will come and give u gifts
to get 50,000 type in motherlode
JUST TYPE IN CONTROL SHIFT C AND IN THE GRAY BAR TYPE "this is not a real cheap code"

lol im just teasing you all
Tired Of Spraing Bugs
Then go to buy mode ,click on the bugs and sell them for $450
a visit from santa
1st get a chrismis tree and a fire place and a plate of cooceis all in the same room. next have all your sims to bed before 10:00 pm even pets finaly at twelve-0-clock sants will come with a gift usily a chess table or teliscope.note:your sims will eat the cookeis so get them when they go to sleep
omg sxy butts!!
press ctrl alt shift c and type mailbox in the grey bar and your "mailbox" will dissapear and no more bills!!
how to type in cheats on the sims deloxe

big ass Cheat
ot make this cheat workd you must put in ctrl+shift+c then a box will pop up on the top left of your screen then write in graden_of_love this will make your sex life better in the game!
mony cheat
type in ;;- and hold down enter to get mony
Fifa 08

50,000 simolings
press ctrl alt and c then type in the grey bar *motherlode* to get 50,000 simolings
None of this shit works.
nude sim
when a sim is in the shower
bring up the cheat window
type in move_objects on
and go to buy mode
then move the shower
and u got a nude sim!
this is awsome...thx!!!!

Money Cheat
Press Ctrl, shift & C then type in motherlode it will give you $50,000
while she is giving birth type in to the box forcetwins
never dead
if you want that your simmers never die type in live_forever when you control that simmer you want never to die
cool to live forever
that live_forever cheat is the best and it works cooool

alway nud

None of these even work! So fake!
sexi butts
ctrnl+shift+c type in sexi.

then you will get woohoo
you get $1000000
Thies chets suk
non of them work so stop wasting your time
Wanna make a kid without really cheating
make a friend witha neighbor keep talkin until u can kiss then make sure she is compatable with ur astological sign (aquarius, libra) then go 2 her house use the money cheat and make her the best house ever. next time she comes over she will be in a great mood
more money!@!@
ctrl shift and than c then type in rosebud

type in wat the hey
nude sim
its crap dont even try using it is a lie dont try it >.>
Lots of cash!
type in "!;" and repeat it many times. Each time repeated you get 1000 credits.
"!;!;!;!;!;!;" (PS- Stop Posting your serial keys)
the sims complete collection : deluxe edition

get around 14,000 sim money
type in ctrl+shift+C type in rosebud SPACE
!; then click ctrl+alt+a not at the same time then click ctrl+alt+c then ctrl+alt+v hold it down untill the cheat bar gets full finally press ENTER and you should get around 14,000 sim money.
dosnt even work
the motherlode dosnt even work nothing does exept from rosebud and !;!;!;!;!;!;
want money and fast
in the gray bar type in mother load it gives u alot of money trust me i use it all the time

This really does work, please try
this takes a little while to do but it honestly does work, i do it all the time. press ctrl and then shift and then c, but make sure you have each of those keys held down at the same time. then type in rosebud press the space bar then teyp in !;!; untill the bar gets full, note: you have to make one mistake throughout the whole bar, only one, then keep pressing enter, it says there is no cheat, but keep holding it, you can see your money go up, if you wait long enough with the enter bar down youll reach 9,999,999 dollers and it wont go down. This really does work, try it
need code formony please tell me
ok so type in control, shift, adn c. type in rosebud. then u type ;;;;;; adn keep holding down enter adn watch ur $ go up


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buttchunka hunka lunka
buttchunka hunka lunka
bring up the cheat box(ctrl+shift+c)and type in, rosebud;;;;;;. Hold enter.
It will say that there is no such cheat, but watch the money bar. It will keep going up! ( THIS IS FOR THE SIMS DELUXE ADDITION)
bring up the cheat box(ctrl+shift+c)and type in, rosebud;;;;;;. Hold enter.
It will say that there is no such cheat, but watch the money bar. It will keep going up! ( THIS IS FOR THE SIMS DELUXE ADDITION)
motherload is for sims 2 not for sims deluxe olny rosebud for sims deluxe
want all the cheats go here
money cheat i swear it wrks trust me
press ctrl shift c at the same time. then in the box thatlooks like a spacebar right motherlode... this wrks for sims2 deluxe eddition. ( thats da game i got)
Nude Sims for Sims 2 PC
Go to Sims Body Shop, (on start menu) edit piece of clothing on paint. White it out. Then add clothing to game, and there you go nude sims.
sex cheat
u have to get the heart ben and make one for them go and viberat anad then the other cheat is it will say lay in bed and then they will do it! but its veryyyyyyyy grosssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
glitched game (this really works try it)
you have to dooky on your sims CD, then camp outside in a red tent on a full moon with it and thenbring it in the next morning and put it a sink full of water with 1 1/3 cup of dish soap with a 1/2 cup of baking soda, then dry it and put it in your PC!!!! IT
gliched up gamed(lets u get WHATEVER you want,; from pot to a pet pony)
you have to dooky on your sims CD, then camp outside in a red tent, on a full moon, and then bring it in the next morning and put it a sink full of water with 1 1/3 cup of dish soap and 1/2 cup of baking soda, then dry it and put it in your PC!!!! IT REALLY WORKS I KNOW B-CUZ I TRIED IT!
More Money
The motherlode does work -- Ctrl + Shift + C. Type in "Motherlode". $50,000 each time you type it.

d yxgfhyryic.;iyifgjugfjghello but head sex
Not Lies
These cheats are for sims 1 not 2 so shut up about them not working!!!
bye bye bad mood
type maxmotives and presto!

50,000 simolions!!!omfg!!
type ctrl+shift+c and hold for a sec and a gray box comes up. now type *motherlode*(all one word) each time you type it you get $50,000
More cash is your pocket!
type rose bud in the gray box then press enter and then type !;!;!;!; highlight it and hold enter each time!!!you get tons of $$$!!
birthday party
if you buy a table and put outside in FRONT of ur house then put a cake on the table and lots of ballons around your house alot of people would come and you will have a birthday party(P.S ONLY FOR THE SIMS DELUXE EDITION)
your mom
press control the press your mom

Premade House
To make a complete house without building it, press Ctrl+Alt+C and when the gray box appears at the top of the screen, click on it and type "house".
how do you have twins
hi any people know how to have twins on the sims 2 deluxe edition if so please say
Naked Sim

fuckin shit
is cheats r fuckin balls the only 1 that works is mother load a lot off fukin shit if u ask me
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