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Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Cheats

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Playstation 2: Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Cheats

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Hints

1. Keep an eye on the mini-radar on the right side of the screen. This indicator lets you know if enemies have moved behind Naruto and may be preparing an ambush from offscreen!

2. If the next available mission is a C or B rank mission but the one following that is a D rank mission, complete the D rank mission first. That way, Naruto is better prepared for greater challenges!

3. When exploring environments during a mission, look for treasure chests in out of the way places. Smash them open to obtain items or rare Skill Chips!

4. Use standard attacks to knock one or more enemies off their feet. While they recover, hold the R2 button to prepare a Power Strike attack. When the fallen enemy rises, release the R2 button to attack!

5. If you find yourself unable to defeat commonly encountered enemies, place more red Taijutsu Skill Chips on your Skill Plate. This should boost your attack power enough to even the odds!

6. If you find yourself running out of medicinal items, you should equip more blue Ninjutsu Skill Chips on your Skill Plate to boost your defense.

7. High on Shurikens, low on Medicines? Trade in 90 Shurikens for 6 Medicine B items at Emporium Karin's General Store. This is one of the better bargains in the shop. You can always obtain more Shurikens by defeating enemies!

8. Trying to trade Shurikens for a Medicine A? The best bargain is to trade 52 Shuriken for 13 3-Way Shurikens, and then trade these for a Medicine A.

9. Boss enemies have some super powerful jutsus! But while they prepare these attacks, they leave themselves open. Move in quickly and strike them while they prepare a jutsu to prevent their attack!

10. After you complete the game once, save your game and load it to start again. New and rewarding boss enemies appear on the Map Screen!

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Hints
* You can't pause in mid air, so if you're about to recieve a death blow you can't heal yourself, so heal at about 25% health to not die.

* In your first 'B' ranked mission Sasuke gains a new power. It's a big one but he'll only ues it when he's weak, so watch out.

* You can't release a jutsu when down, dazed, or some in midair (ex. Naruto U Barrage).

* Always save after a mission or you can get a Game Over and go to the last saved point which could be really far back (I think everyone knows this from experience).

* female ninjas, monkeys, and male ninjas with hats can use dash but if you target them you will face them even when they do.

* The giant question mark one the map that sometimes apears is just a big battle with no reward and it's really hard to win. It's not worth it.

* The orange female ninjas have fire bombs wich can give away their location. Also, ninjas with hats can throw giant shuriken wich also give away their location, instead of searching for them just let them throw one, dodge it and follow where it came from lock on and beat 'um up.

* Also in the 'B' ranked mission, there's a big fight with about 20 guys. Use combos so when you fight saske you can use the nine tailed fox power(wich helps alot!)

Submitted by Gamer82 (Brown_eyed_boy96)

Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Hint - Chakara Refill Boost
During the Loading screen if allocated enough time to move the right thumbstick enough in a circle. A Blue Chakara Ball will pop-out and if you notice your unfilled Stamina / Chakara Bar. It will refill a little about 25% worth everytime you do this. Between Loading screens with the Konoha Symboyl in the lower right corner.

Easy mantis battle
When the fight starts switch to Neji. Then target any mantis and do his 8-trigrams 64 palms on it as many times as possible. When Naruto reapears get beat down a while then go into the nine-tailed fox state to do major damage with any kind of attack.When you return to normal use chakra recoveries on neji and health recoveries on Naruto.Switch to Neji and do the steps on each mantis at a time.
Easy gaara fight
When the battle starts quickly switch to Shikamaru then get as close as possible to gaara and keep using shikamaru's trap kunai's.You will do almost a whole bar of damage with shikamaru's limited time. When Naruto reapears just use chakra recovery items on Shikamaru and start the cycle all over again.You will beat gaara in no time.(Note the kunai's have to hit gaara directly for best results).
Easy kills
equip fire kunai knife's then press square repeadedly until the enemy is down.When they are down keep using the fire kunai's until they die.
"sasuke pursuit"
theres comething fishy about the shrine gate with the funny shadow...
sasuke pursuit (genjutsu gateway)
when you enter through the shrine gate after talking to Kiba,check the three gates in front of you and on the floor there are shadows of the gateway.One shadow will look different than the others.Follow all the opposite shadows and you will pass through the illusion
inf virtue

suske pursuit
how to get to suske

suske pursuit
which direction to go to get out

suske pursuit
which direction to go to get out


how can you do naruto barage


how can you do naruto barage

how to do uzumaki barrage
put both clone a and clone b chips and uzumaki barrage chips in one skill plate lock on opponet use shadow clone and relice naruto will do uzumaki barrage.
Sasuke Pursuit
How to get past gates

final battle
when fighting orochimaru run around the place and get more chrkra and do naruto u barrage
sasuke pursuit
when fighting kabuto when he goes under grond keep an eye on him he goes and heals himself if you do not keep an eye on him.but only if he is low on life
sasuke pursuit
when fighting kabuto when he goes under grond keep an eye on him he goes and heals himself if you do not keep an eye on him.but only if he is low on life
suske pursuit

naruto uzumaki chronicles
which direction do you go to pass the shrine gates!
Shrine Gates Easy
run around A bit until you get a hint
then look at the ground of each gate 3 of the gates shadow should face left or right then one should face the opposite direction use the one thats different from the other 3
midnight club 3 dub edition remix

sasuke challenge
when fighting him use 9 tail naruto 0nce and dont heal your self and then sasuke gose curse mmark form
how to get out of the shrine gates

jutsu that are unknow

secret jutsu
how to do secret jutsu
shadow binding jutsu
how to do shadow binding jutsu
closed for business
how do i pass that mission
closed for business
how do i pass that mission
Closed for Business
what do i do to run out the cave with the tram? how switches" do i use??

closed for business
you have to hit every key you see that has blue and orange
how do you put out those fires in the first level?can somebody please tell me?
naruto unamaki chronical1
how do you do naruto barrage

naruto unamaki chronical1
how to get pas shrne gate
all jutsu
r2 r1 left right up down squar
how to beat the 3 bees in the surganie clan
go on the side and run to the pieace of board then go up on the box thingy then lock on to a bee and use surikens then when the fall use sand wall with gaara

r2 r1 left right up down squar

how to be 9 tailed fox

naruto uzumaki chronclile

r2 r1 left

sasuke pursuit
naruto uzumaki chronicles 1
how to pass the beigining of final battle
all characters

closed for business
wich signs do i hirt to get out of the cave
naruto:uzumaki chronicles
how do i do shadow binding jutsu
naruto:uzumaki chronicles
how do i do lion barrage

get all jutsu

how to do lion barrage
naruto:uzumaki cronicles
how to do lion barrage
naruto:uzumaki chronicles
sasuke pursuit
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