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NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Cheats

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Sega 32X: NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Cheats

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Matchup Codes
Enter these codes on the Tonight's Matchup screen.
Max Power      -  R U L R B D AQuick Hands    -  L R A B R LOffense Power  -  A U B D B L R3ptr Power     -  U D D L L R U Push Power     -  B R A D A R BSpeed Power    -  U U D D L R L L B AFire Power     -  D R A A B LTurbo Power    -  B B D D A A U L Dunks Power    -  R L B A B A Shot % Display -  D U D B UGoaltender - R U D D R UBaby Mode - B A B U D L RNote: The following codes give no onscreen confirmation that the code was entered.
Slippery Court -  B A D A B R R R R R Teleport Pass  -  D R R A A D L L R BPush Other Plr -  D L R U L L L L A B

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Swap Teams in Mid-game
To swap teams at halftime, hold DOWN+A+C on the halftime screen for about 8 seconds.

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Special Characters
To select one of these players, highlight the first letter in their initials, then press Start while holding the first code button. Do the same thing with the second and third letters. A '*' indicates that any button will do.
For example, to add Benny to your team, the initials are "BNY" and the code is B, *, C; thus, to select him you would:
  1. Place the cursor over the "B" and hold Start while pressing C.
  2. Place the cursor over the "N" and pressany button.
  3. Place the cursor over the "Y" and hold Startwhile pressing B.
When you reach the Team Select screen, your character should appear. He or she will join you no matter what team you choose, trading places with one of the normal players. If he's taking the place of a player you want to keep, switch the team's order to swap players.

Init. Code Player DescriptionMPF *, C, B MoosekatAIR B, *, C Air Dog (Erik Samulski, Son of an ACCLAIM VP)AMX C, A, * Chow Chow (Asif Chaudri, ACCLAIM)RAY *, A, B Weasel (Dan Feinstein, ACCLAIM)LGN *, B, A BrutahDAN A, B, * Kabuki (Eric Kuby, ACCLAIM)XYZ A, B, B FacimeNDH A, B, A Hill (Neil "Ziggy" Hill)JAY B, A, * Moon (Jay Moon)CK_ C, *, B Kirby (Chris Kirby)JF_ C, *, A Falcus (Jason Falcus)MCM C, B, B Muskett ("MAD" Mike Muskett)MJT A, *, A Turmell (Mark Turmell, MIDWAY)PHI C, A, * R.Cunningham (Philadelphia Eagles)RJR C, A, * Rivett (Jamie Rivitt, WILLIAMS)SAL *, C, A Di-Vita (Sal Di-Vita, MIDWAY)SL_ B, B, * Liptak (Shawn Liptak, WILLIAMS)TWG A, *, B Goskie (Tony Goskie, MIDWAY)JMC B, C, C Carlton (John Carlton, WILLIAMS)BNY C, *, B Benny (Chicago Bulls Mascot)HGO A, C, * Hugo (Charlotte Hornets Mascot)GOR B, B, * Gorilla (Phoenix Suns Mascot)CRN *, B, A Crunch (Minnesota Timberwolves Mascot)MKD C, *, C Mike D. (Beastie Boys)MCA *, B, B MCA (Beastie Boys)ADR B, C, * Ad Rok (Beastie Boys)BLZ C, *, C Blaze (Carol Blazewoski)BRD A, C, A Bird (Larry Bird)ROY *, A, B Charles (Prince Charles, Prince of Wales)CIC B, *, A B. Clinton (Bill Clinton, President of U.S.A.)HC_ *, B, * H. Clinton (Hillary Clinton)HVY B, *, A Heavy D. (Rapper)WIL *, B, C Will Smith (Rapper)JAZ A, A, C Jazzy Jeff (Rapper)SOX A, *, B Frank Thomas (Chicago White SOX player)SNK B, C, A (Snake)

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