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Nintendo Wii: Red Steel Cheats

Red Steel Sniper Scope View Glitch
I have not failproofed this, I have done it every time I try though. You need six grenades, a silver pistol, and a sniper rifle.

Go to the Rifle range in the pub. The one that you meet the five members who are Sato's friends and are trying to kill the man who recieved your girlfriend from the prick in the red suit.

At the rifle range, use the Sniper Rifle on the range by hitting the button under the counter while holding it. Then once it is in the last 5 seconds or so, hold A to keep zoomed in.

Once it ends you should have the sniper scope image pasted over your reticle. Enjoy your wasted time.

Boss Glitch
I have not yet to fail profed this but when you are fighting the dude who owns the pub. At the begging he does a special every 3 times, then moves to 4, then to 5 and thats were it stays for the rest of the fight.

This pattern doesnt happen every time. so remeber dodge it when it does happen have fun killing him!!:)
infinite health

unlimated ammo

unlimated ammo
cheat code

red steel
To avoid the exploding bunnies in the arcade, if you are unable to get up the moving escalator and once you have disposed of the snipers, go to the far right of the ski slope you will be safe able to walk up with it without getting blown up.
inffinite helth
press A then shoot 11 times if this does
not work you will have a problem with
your wii
monkey land
god mode
after beating the traitor in the pub without letting him speak kill him and then spin in a circle 3 times then run to the bartender and speak with him and instead of pointing the wii-mote up and down for yes point it diagnally and then you cant die no more
god mode
after beating the traitor in the pub without letting him speak kill him and then spin in a circle 3 times then run to the bartender and speak with him and instead of pointing the wii-mote up and down for yes point it diagnally and then you cant die no more
infinite bullets
press a 15 times then shot 12
hot fufu mode
go 2 ghana and commit suicide
somone plz answer my question!

red steel
iu completed it didi u save it u nob and plus 75 percent suks
residinet evil 4

some one put a cheat on plz?

Geisha House
How the Hell do u get in there plz!!!!Im desperate!!!!
to get in the house
you must jump and duck at the same time
inffinite helth
how do u get it

wii cheat
Go find another site coz this one is crap
eat remote
umlimited ammo
get an automatic weapon, hold the fire butten, while its shooting press A 3 times (while the gun is shooting)
unlock everything
just before the automatic save point on the game hold down the power button at the same time as the eject button. it will crash and reboot unlockin everything
unlimeted ammo
like the ball sak ov ya mar
infinity guns
go on 2 player and go on eni level then get everi gun on that level then save it and then go on 1 player and wola u got lots of guns

could someone PLEASE put some cheats on here!!!!PLEASE!!!!
do u get 100% because i completed it but t says 75% the i done it all over agian and it aay 85%!!!
how to "get" miyu...
at the beginning of the game, she asks you to look at the fish...point the wii remote to her crotch and then when she starts to cry, shell get mad at you for saying that her crotch smells like bass...wait till she runs away and then chase he when she pasts the first guard...after that, take the pointer to her heart and shell say, "o its ok scott" then the body to the left will take a video camera and then you two will get it on. This works best when you move the wii remote back and forth from the sensor bar.
unlimited ammo
cheat code

red steel repling how?
How do you think i feel i completed it and it said 99%
red steel
press a and then say jordan c is fine

infiniti/unlimited everything
fire the shotgun 7 seven times without reloading
unlock chainsaw
let the guy with the baseball bat kill u
Geshia House
CLimb on boxes to get on wall jump down open window then jump and duck in mid air
Red Steel
kiss the girl by pressing z twice then press A nd B together
Greetings! An excellent site! Before I came on:,
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