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NBA Live 2005 Cheats

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Xbox: NBA Live 2005 Cheats

NBA Live 2005 Cheat: Uniforms
  • Unlock the Hawks' new road uniform: HDI834NNUA
  • Unlock the Warriors' new road uniform: NAVNY2957P
  • Unlock the Mavericks' new road uniform: AAPSEUD09U
  • Unlock the Celtics uniform: XCV43MGMDS

NBA Live 2005 Unlockable: Teams and Jerseys
Unlock all teams and jerseys by winning the slam dunk contest.

NBA Live 2005 Hint: Dunks
  • Rock The Baby dunk: Hold R when running to the net, press X as your gather, and press X again.
  • Rock The Cradle dunk: Hold R and move toward the basket with X, then tap Y.
  • 360 Pump dunk or 180 Pump dunk:Hold R and move toward the basket with Y. Rotate the Left Analog-stick 360 or 180 degrees, then tap Y again.
  • One Hand Windmill: Hold R, move toward the basket with B, tap Y.
  • Two Hand Windmill: Hold L, move toward the basket with B, tap Y.
  • Two Hand Reverse Windmill: Hold L, move toward the basket with A, tap Y.
  • Between Legs dunk: Hold R, move toward the basket with B, tap A.
  • One Hand Tomahawk: Hold L, move toward the basket with B, tap A.
  • Under The Legs Two Hand Reverse: Move toward the basket with Y, tap A.
  • Hang on rim by armpit: Hold L and press X for the gather and B for the dunk.
  • Throw ball off screen: Hold Left or Right then tap Right Analog-stick Up.
  • Throw ball off the camera: Hold D-pad Up and tap Right Analog-stick Up.
  • Throw ball off shot clock: Hold L + R and press the Right Analog-stick in any direction.
  • Under The Rim Windmill: From the 3 point corner, hold L + R and move toward basket with Y. Tap Y again to dunk.
  • Cover Eyes dunk: Hold L + R and move toward the basket with B, then hit X.
  • Behind the back dunk: Hold L + R and move toward basket with X, tap B.
  • Between legs twice dunk: Hold L + R and move toward basket with B, tap B again.
  • Throw it of the glass and then do a flip and between the legs ally oop: Stand at the 3 point line then tap the right analog stick any direction. Right after that hold L + R and press B then press A.
  • Spring board double underneath the legs dunk: Toss the bass then press and hold R + L to do the spring board. Next press B to gather and then hold B to dunk. Note: You must catch the ball right off the bounce or else you will do a one handed dunk.
  • 720: Hold L and press Y to gather. Spin the left-analog stick 2 times clockwise very fast and press B for trick. Hold this for while as the dunk progresses
  • 540 Reverse Dunk: Press and Hold R then press Y for the gather. Let go of R, rotate right analog stick 540 degrees counter-clockwise very quickly. Press and Hold L and then press B for the finish. This dunk is done best by starting the gather approximately at the free throw line. It gets you an automatic 50 in the dunk contest and you have to hold the finish for awhile.
Submitted by dnic82 baby, anthonydmiami, Anthony Heilman

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