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Xbox 360: Viva Pinata Cheats

Viva Pinata Unlockable: 5 Extra Accessories
You must create a new garden titled "chewnicorn."

Viva Pinata Hint - Easy Money
When you have two Tafflies, buy a torch, then direct them to the torch they will start on fire, when you can, put them out with the watering can. They will become Reddhotts. Romance the Reddhotts and sell the kid for an easy $2,100. Keep repeating however many times you want.

Submitted by Raven02300 (TXB)

Viva Pinata Hint - Easy Money
At the General Store, purchase the Chili Seed. You can plant a maximum of ten. Place four in a cluster, twice. Then just plant the other two close to one another.

Next, buy the Red Fertilizer. If the chili seeds are close enough, you can douse four at the same time. So get each group of Chili Seeds three times.

Just let the plants grow out. Each Chili Seed will be worth $400 Chocolate Coins. $4,000 in total.

Viva Pinata Hint - Rags To Riches
I have something that may help everyone out a lot at becoming a money god. If you see the beggar don't hurt him, just give him about 1000 coins everytime you see him until he opens up a shop.

Once that happens make sure the lady at the general store is selling orchid seeds in the seed catagory. Buy a bunch of orchid seeds and plant them in the ground. Then go to the beggar's shop and use his secret fertilizer (it's the best in the game) and use it 3 times on each orchid.

In the end it should turn out to be a huge plant which sells for 1800 each (and it grows very fast). I have 300,000 coins and got it all in about 20 to 30min. Make sure that as soon as you plant them you water them then use the fertilizer as the plants are growing.

Viva Pinata Hint - Crematorium Profit
First talk to Seedos multiple times to get tons of seeds. Plant and sell them for about 200 choco-coins. This triggers a visit from Taffly. Buy a torch light and ignite the Taffly; immediately use a watering can to douse the fire and the Taffly will turn into a RedHott. RedHotts sell for 2100 choco-coins.

Once you get the Hunter, buy express Taffliess for 600 each and turn them into RedHotts through the immolation method.

Viva Pinata Hint - Acid Money
Go to Lottie's shop (a.k.a., 'The Costalot') and buy one Venus Pinata Trap and plant it in the center of your garden.

Since it is a weed you do not need to water it. Once it is fully grown, your pinatas will cluster around the flower and they will knock down the flower heads.

You must quickly collect and sell the flower head -- if you are not quick enough the pinatas will eat the flower. Each flower head sells for 360 chocolate coins. Not only that, but the plant produces multiple flowers making roughly about 15,000 coins for a seed costing you 55 coins. If you manage to repeat this, you're able to gain 100,000 coins in mere a half-hour.

You must be careful about your pointer. It's easy to accidently sell pinatas instead of the flower heads. This in addition to the flower pinata being dangerous as it will spit acid spores at adjacent pinatas and make them sick.

This means you have to constantly manage the Venus Pinata Trap, but once you amassed your fortune, you can go ahead and clear the weed.

You can also do a similar thing with flower heads from Poison Ivy (just strike Seedos instead of making a purchase).

Submitted by Balthazar, Cola8663

Viva Pinata Hint - Easier Master Romancing Achievements
First, make sure you have lots of money, which can be made by using the Chili growing tip.

Next, put Gretchem Fetchem to work by having her find whatever pinata you want expressely. In a half hour you can easily have 7 of a species. I recommend Taffly's, Flutterscotchs, and Sparrowmints first, for evolving reasons.

If you get 7 sparrowmints, you get the master romancing award for them, then make all of them eat a butterscotch flowerhead, they all become candaries, and you get the MR award for them as well.

Same with Tafflys, get 7, get the award, then make them go through the garden torch one by one, and put them out with a water can once they are on fire, this will give you 7 red-hotts, the MR award for them, and they well for 2100 each.

Also, get 7 white flutterscotchs and evolve them to whatever you want. I evolved them to yellow by making them eating butterscotchs.

Another easy method is using the 7 paper pets from the Paper pet lady, check out, go back to the garden, get all the rewards, then sell them all. Do this with every animal she has for easy levels and master romancing awards.

Viva Pinata Hint - Evolution Pinatas
There are eight possible evolutions which are:
  1. Twingersnaps (evolves from Syurpent)
  2. Fourheads (evolves from Twingersnap)
  3. Candary (evolves from Spearowmint)
  4. Redhott (evolves from Taffly)
  5. Lackatoad (evolves from Lickatoad)
  6. Zumbug (evolves from Horstacio)
  7. Salamago (evolves from Newtgat)
  8. Juciygoose (evolves from Quackberry)

Submitted by nicolaizzo1

the secret gummgumm!-gummy pinata
to get the secret gummgumm 1st make sure you have ivors bargain,get a galagoogoo and feed it 3 gem seeds from his store.then the gala googoo will go into a cocoon.break it out and it will be a gummgumm baby.feed it 5 milks and it will grow to a full size gummgumm
Viva Pinata Hint - Evolution Errata
For the Badgesicle evolution, have it swim in water and it will turn into a Sweettooth.

For the Syrupent evolution, romance two Syrupent's and when the egg come it will start moving. Hit it with your shovel and a Twigersnap will hop out of the egg. Make two Twigersnaps then romance them and do the same thing to the egg, this time a Fourhead will come out of the egg.

For the Pretztail evoloution, grow some carrots in your garden to attract Bunnycombes. Get at least two to become residents (feed bunnycombes carrots). The Bunnycombes should attract Pretztails. So when a pretztail comes in your garden, let it eat a bunnycombe and it will become a resident. Do this again so you will have two pretztails. Now go to Lotties' shop ('Costalot shop') and buy a doughnut. Feed it to one of the two Pretztails and it should turn into a Mallowolf.

For the Tafflie evolution, buy a torch when you have two Tafflies, then direct them to the torch they will start on fire, when you can, put them out with the watering can. They will become Reddhotts. Romance the Reddhotts and sell the kid for an easy $2,100. Keep repeating however many times you want.

For the Sparrowmint evolution, feed a Sparrowmint a buttercup and it will evolve into a Candary.

For the Horstacio evolution, feed it daisies or blackberriess and it will evolve!

For the Quackberry evolution, feed it a gooseberry and it will evolve!

For an alternative Candary color, feed it a bluebell and it will turn blue.

For an alternative Whirlim color, feed it a turnip and it will turn purple.

For an alternate Sherbat color, feed it a bluebell and it will turn blue.

For an alternative Pudgeon color, feed it a bluebell and it will turn blue.

For an alternate Sparrowmint color, feed it a bluebell and it will turn blue.

For an alternate Shellybean color, feed it a bluebell and it will turn blue.

For an alternate Newtgot color, feed it a bluebell and it will turn blue.

For an alternate White Flutterscotch color, feed it a poppy flower will change its color to red. Feeding it a watercress flower will change its color to green. Feeding it a bluebell flower will change its color to blue. Feeding it a water lily flower will change its color to pink. Feeding it a bullrush flower will change its color to brown. Feeding it a buttercup flower will change its color to yellow. Feeding it a bird of paradise flower will change its color to orange. Feeding it a thistle will change its color to purple. Feeding it a tulip flower will change it to black.

Money Making Birds!
First, have at least 2 tafflys in your garden, After buy a torch or two. Put it somewhere where it wont cause "too much trouble". Select your taffly and then while the taffly is selected bring him to the torch (when the torch is lite) and when it goes on fire IMMEDIATLY take out the watering can. After the fire is out, sell the evolved taffly (not sure of the name) and sell it at costalots for 2100 its really good to do. Just keep breeding tafflies and get over 100,000 in about 30 min
pigxie time
get a rashberry and give it its romance requirments, then get a swanana and give it its romance requirments, then buy two joyus candy from Ivor bargain, and finally buy a mix house from willy builder. Direct the rashberry to the swanana. You have a pigxie on the way.
your all fat
your all fat ya loosers
Viva Pinata Hint - Recruit Lackatoad
To get a Lackatoad, it is quite a process. First get a Lickatoad from Gretchen Fetchem's or the old fashion way, get a Taffly and feed it to a Lickatoad that comes in your garden.

Once you get the Lickatoad, get a Nightshade Berry from Lottie's Store. Feed it to the Lickatoad. It will stand there, after it eats it, and make wierd noises. If you let it make these noises for too long, it will get sick.

So, when it is making the noises, tap it with the shovel. Note: TAP. Do not WHACK it. If you whack it, it will ruin the whole process and make it sick.

It will say you have a new Lackatoad resident before it transforms. Don't wory about that. With every pinata that need to transform from another, it says it earlier then the transformation itself.

For it to romance you need to have four Arocknids in the garden. You must have 60 square pinometers of water(6%). You must feed it two toadstools and you must have a Lackatoad house in the garden.

The Lackatoad house is a spilled bottle of purple poison. The dance is them dancing in a big green puddle. The Lackatoad itself is purple with an orange tongue.

gold tinker a jar of hunny
Rashberry to Chippopotamus
First buy 10 pumpkin seeds let them become pumpkins then let them rot. When they rot feed them to a rashberry and it will evolve into a chippopotamus.
Easy money
first have 2 barbaks buy a house and give them a bone and a necklace.then let them dance and when the egg comes out(may take a while) afther the dog grown up sell it and u have like 2100.
Out of the Map
Whenyou first create a garden and do NOT have the menu button yet, acquire the shovel
whack some hard soil and put it away
then do to the edge of the garden
you should be able to exit the white lines
if not, press the left analouge stick and exit
free heal for sick pinata
get a chewnicorn then direct it to a sick pinata
free heal for sick pinata
get a chewnicorn then direct it to a sick pinata
for the swannana to reside you will need to feed two sandwiches. to do this all you have to do is tinker bread.
for the swannana to reside you will need to feed two sandwiches. to do this all you have to do is tinker bread.
day light all night

how you get a jamelon is that you have to have 3 different flutterscotches and then4 then 5.
if a quackberry eats a gooseberry it will evolve to a juicygoose.

shellybean turn green
feed a shellybean one gooseberry to it, and it will turn green
to recruit a chewicorn you must have the horstachio master breeder award and have an gemtree in the garden. then it must eat 15 gems.
Type in Kittyfloss as a new garden and you will unlock new things in your garden.
i like pie
Chewnicorn Variants
Feeding it a water lily seed changes its color to a pink
to make a newgat evolve
make it eat a chilli wich can be bought at the shop which u first get
I also like pie
me too... :)
toffee apple
tinker with an apple
always use gold...
chocolate sniffer
if you give ivor the begger 5000 coins he will speak to you and will leave. later he will come back and open a shop! if you go to the bottom of his there will be an object called a chocolate sniffer. this is a shovel handel and if you move over burried treasure (coins,sweets) with your shovel out it will make a sound like an untuned radio if you then dig a pond the treasure will fly out.
Easy Money
Go to the Costalot shop and buy as many poison ivy seeds as you can.Then plant them in the corner of your garden and fence it off(some pinatas nock it down).

Leave it alone for a little while and come back there should be some flower heads on the ground and a bunch of seeds. Sell the flower heds (green stuff)and plant the seeds and repeat I had 20,000 choc-coins in 10 min.
Easy way for a Lackatoad
Dont bother giving a licka toad a taffly, just feed it a nightshade berry and it will evolve into a lacka toad.!
Get a dragonache
To get a dragonache... simple, just buy a mine from willy builders, and then go and hire 5 diggerlings and after about 20 days(not real time) they will dig you an egg, when it hatches a dragonache will apear and you will be told what to do with it.
I like pie aswell but not <>< pie :)
I like pie aswell but not <>< pie :)
go shangyourmom

where is the medicine
hatch egg faster
buy a cluckles and direct it to an egg the egg will hatch.
free roario
get a whirlm and feed it 10 rainbow gems(tinkered gems) it turns into roario get 7 for 230 exp petals then sell all for 5500 each (38500 choc coins total!)
Snake cheat!!!
sell 2/3 of your twigersnaps and 4 heads at lotties, but save 1/3 eveloution animals for online trading... newbies go wild
bye bye bad guys hello tons of money
plant 2 orchids 5 chillis 1 gooserberry bush and 4 gem trees clashed together then 5 of every fertelizer on them all theyl grow to there max size then let 5 gems fall tinker them (gold) theyel tur into a rainbow gem feed the chillis to red hots gem trees to chewnicorns orchids to dragumfly gooserberry to juicygoose and feed a rainbow gem to horstachio and other 4 to the juicygoose chewnicorn redhot and dragumfly then dastardoses lair will blow up ull see all sours and ruffians fly out and dastardoses mask will fall of then u see stardos hell walk up2 u and give u 1000000000 chocolate coins from freeing him
to get a dragonache get a master romancer on dragumfly (or 5 lol) and a dragonache will apear sell 1 for 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999chocolate coins and u will get 1000 xp petals

viva pinata

Easy money
Buy some bird of paradise seeds for 79 coins then use the orange fertiliser, 3 sprinkles should work best, once grown sell them for 1440 coins each!
Do enyone know who I can change Dastardos to Stardos?
get free money of gardener
when you hire the milk mans sister she will walk around your garden ive you hit her with a spade as many times as you can she will disapeer and YOUL GET LOADS OF MONEY

Sunflower MONEY
Buy 4 sunflower seeds (plant them) dose them with special fix fertiliser and wait till they grow lots and then less each one for 1440cc , quicker than chilli money cheat
easy M R
buy 6 of any pinata u residented to equal 7 or buy 7 of same pet u will get M R work for all pinata
if you buy one pumpkin and feed it to a dragonache it will turn innto a drangstarck
For the Badgesicle evolution, have it swim in water and it will turn into a Sweettoot.DONT WORKK!
mom awid
2o cats
get a worm and poke it
when u got asick pinata hurry get the doctor if hes not quik enough dastridoes will come hit him till the doctor comes after it says doctor is back quit and he WILL go away
lick my ring

Viva Pinata Hint - Blue Forheads
For an alternative Forheads color,feed it a Bluebell and it will turn blue
How to get a Dragonache
Get a mine,get 4 Digerlings;when you find a strange egg get a cluckel and then direct it to the egg and you will get a dragonache.
easy money glitch
hire a gatherling, go to costolots store when the gatherling is in your garden pick a expensive seed or fruit or vegetable and place it in the garden DO NOT GO TO CHECKOUT!!! your gatherling will come and pick up what you have put down and you will get money. when the gatherling leaves dont got to checkout just go to garden.
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